Home Maintenance Services Dubai

Home Maintenance Services Dubai

Home Maintenance Services Dubai

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Home Maintenance Services Dubai

We provide Home Maintenance Services Dubai for your Apartment, Villa, and Office. If you are looking for any Handyman Drilling Hanging & Mounting Work, Electrical Short Circuit Troubleshooting or Electric Fixtures and Installation of any machine then you are at the right place. We also provide Plumbing work which is related to Water Leakage Fixing or Replacing Water Heater.

Shahi Home Maintenance Dubai also offers Carpentry Door Locks, Hinges, Handles Repair & Gypsum Partition Making. Masonry Marble and Tiling work. Furthermore, Painting services include Interior, Exterior & Wallpaper Installation or removal. Our services also include AC / Chiller, Central Air Conditioner Repairing. Let us help you to fix your home with a wide range of affordable repair, expert and Professional Technicians with professional state of the art tools, improvement, and remodel services.



Home Maintenance Services Dubai

Home Maintenance Services Dubai

Here at Shahi Home Maintenance Dubai, we provide a comprehensive range of property and home maintenance services. No job is too big or too small. Select the service you require and simply schedule an appointment with our Dubai bookings team. Alternatively, find out more about how straightforward annual maintenance contracts could save you time, stress and money on your home services.


We offer you the best Home Maintenance Dubai Services. We deal in all kinds of Home Maintenance Services. You can call us for any kind of Installation, Fixing & Repairing work for your Apartment, Villa, Building, Office & Warehouse. Our Expert Handyman Technician work as a team and they cover a lot of activities regarding your Home Maintenance Dubai problems.

Emergency Home Maintenance Repair 24/7:

Do you have any Electrical or Plumbing Emergencies at your Apartment Office or Villa or you are looking for 24/7 Emergency Services in Dubai? We are here to fix all of your Emergency Home Maintenance problems very quickly & 24/7 anywhere in Dubai. Sprung a leak? Just give a call to our experienced Emergency Handyman. He will help you to get rid of your water leakage issue. Lights stopped working, fuse blown or the breaker is tripping in your house just call us, our emergency handyman will come and fix your issues instantly.

Home Maintenance Dubai Annual Contract:

We also provide Home Maintenance Dubai Annual Contract for your Apartment, Villa, Restaurant, or Office. Our services are very reasonable and approachable. We provide repair services within half an hour at any place.

General Handyman Drilling Work:

Whenever you move into a new home, there are tons of work that needs to be done. Drilling is something that should be done by a professional otherwise it can ruin the look of your home. Drilling work includes hanging pictures and shelves on the wall, fixing of tv in the wall, hanging blinds on the windows.

Handyman Electrician:

Our handyman electrician is perfectly trained to handle all sorts of electricity mishaps. Our handyman electrician can help you repair all your damaged electric appliances like a fridge, air conditioner, or washing machine. Handyman Electricians can also install or repair wall sockets, light bulbs, chandeliers. You can also call our Handyman electrician in case your AC is not cooling.

Handyman Carpenter:

Our Carpenter Handyman will perform all sorts of jobs for you that include making a new wardrobe, Making Gypsum partition walls and Installing wooden floors. Our Professional Carpenter can also perform small tasks at home like furniture assembling, furniture repairing, door repairing, structure repairing and doorframe construction.

Handyman Plumber:

If you ever face an accidental tap leak, water heater leak or AC /Chiller Leak in your apartment office or villa, don’t forget our handyman plumber is only a call away. You can call him for water tank leak repair, water pump repair, water heater repair, the opening of a Clogged Drain, and Sanitary Fitting. Our handyman plumber can also install your washing machine or bathtub.

Handyman Painter:

You can call our Painter Handyman if you want the interior or the exterior of your home to be painted. With our special paints and painting techniques, your home will look absolutely new. We offer villa painting, studio apartment painting, furniture painting, and much more.

HOMD Home Maintenance Dubai is an 8 years old Dubai based Home Repair Company that is providing its following Handyman Services for your Apartment, Villa, Building, or office.

  • Drilling Hanging & Mounting
  • Curtain Rods & Blind Installation
  • Mirror & Picture Frames Hanging
  • Shelves Hanging on Walls
  • Light Lamp & Chandelier Fixing
  • TV Bracket Mounting on Wall
  • Water Leak Repair
  • Commode Fixing
  • Sink Water Leak or Drain Block
  • Basin Clogged Water Fixing
  • Drain Pipe Water Leak Repair
  • Bath Tub Drain Block
  • Broken Bath Tub Water Leak
  • Water Heater Leak Repair
  • Replace Water Heater Installation
  • Low Pressure Water Pump Repair
  • Washing Machine Installation
  • Dish Washer new Connection Making
  • Washing Machine & Fridge Repair
  • Split AC Installation
  • AC Thermostat Repait
  • Central AC & Chiller Repair
  • AC Water Leak Repair & Filter Clean
  • Breaker Trip Fixing
  • DP Box Short Circuit Repair
  • Door Lock Handle Hinges Repair
  • Wood Glass Gypsum Partition
  • Furniture Assembling
  • Marble Tiles Installation
  • Interior Exterior Painting
  • End Tenancy Painting Patchups
  • Wallpaper Installation

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